For members who really want to up their game and get the most out of the Paint Life Community we’ve also created the VIP (Very Important Painter) Membership. The VIP Membership will receive all of the benefits of Mafia Members and more!!!! 

  • Access to a private group administered and moderated by Chris—The Idaho Painter, Journeyman John, and the Paint Life Crew.

      • This is where all of the magic will happen. Be a part of this exclusive and private  group, hosted on Facebook, and interact with Chris and the crew. This will be a tight knit community of professional painters learning and growing together. We do have several social media platforms. And Chris and Lisa do run a small painting business as well. Because of this Chris has often been strapped for time and not been able to give people the interaction they deserve. Creating the Mafia gives The Idaho Painter a center point for focusing the majority of that time and energy. And that is exactly what this group will be; where Chris and his crew spend the majority of their time within these platforms. Creating a better quality interaction, and making sure that the people who matter most get the attention they deserve. So join this community so we can get to know you on a more personal level, answer your questions, and help excel you to that next level in your painting career.

  • Exclusive Live Shows hosted twice each month.

      • Join us every other Wednesday at 7pm MT for an exclusive live show in our PRIVATE Mafia Facebook group. We will be going over a variety of topics from technique, products, business marketing, etc. In the past our Mafia live shows have not always been exclusive. This is a big reason for us moving our platform to Facebook. Because this group will be more compact and personal, we will be able to give our Mafia the attention they deserve.

  • MONTHLY Product Giveaways.

      • Each month we will be giving away top of the line products that we love and believe in. Each VIP Member will receive something special from us to you, to show our appreciation for you being a part of this amazing community with us. Our Basic membership will only receive this perk quarterly.

  • Special Edition Mafia-Member Only Shirts every year.

      • Our Paint Life Mafia shirts were designed by Chris, The Idaho Painter, himself! And each year you will receive a Paint Life Mafia shirt with a new design. These custom designed shirts are a high quality 50/50 cotton and poly blend that are super soft and durable. What better way to be a part of the Mafia than by sporting our one of a kind shirts!

  • One FREE Paint Life Academy annually. 

      • Pick one Academy per each year of your VIP Membership and attend for FREE. On the schedule this year we have: Interior Repaint, Exterior Repaint, Wallpaper Installation, and a Cabinet Painting course. Pick one and come learn from Chris, The Idaho Painter and Journeyman John. This is an amazing opportunity to attend a class at a discounted rate and learn some vital techniques to take your business to the next level. Our Basic Membership will only receive a 25% off of one Academy annually. So this is an exclusive perk for VIP Members only. 

  • 20% off our online store MONTHLY.

      • Each month receive 20% off of your entire purchase on our store. We sale everything from accessories, apparel, tools, products and more. Stay up to date on the latest tools and Paint Life wear with this special Mafia discount. 

  • One Paint Life Mafia Sticker per each year of membership. 

      • Receive a Paint Life Mafia Sticker, with a new design per each year of membership. Made with thick, durable vinyl this die cut Paint Life Mafia sticker will last the test of time. Throw it on your lunchbox, favorite thermos, or on your favorite piece of equipment to sport that Mafia pride on the go. Taking us with you wherever you adventure. Sticker measures 3 inches high and 4 inches wide.

  • Exclusive signed photo of The Idaho Painter and his crew.

  • A FREE one-hour coaching call with Chris or John.

      • This will be an exclusive online chat with just you, Chris, and/or John. This is a perk exclusive to VIP Members only.

  • Birthday Perks

      • Our VIP Members are the top of the top priority when it comes to the Mafia, and as such, we would like to take extra special care of you. Because of this you will receive a personalized birthday greeting from Chris and/or John. A special gift from us to you. AND an additional 20% off one item in the store that month.

VIP Membership to the Paint Life Mafia costs $99 per month, or members can receive a discounted rate for an annual membership of $990 per year.



$99 – Monthly Membership


$990 – Annual Membership